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About ArtsyWorks

EvitaWorks is a family workshop in Europe, and the trade name of painter Eva Campbell with her husband, Alex. Our paintings and crafts are on display in private collections all around the world. An extensive portfolio with our handmade work is available at our official gallery & shop. EvitaWorks can also be found at Etsy.

ArtsyWorks is a different family venture. It also displays art in the uniquely feminine style of Eva, but finished by other artisans onto objects of home decor, apparel, accessories and more. ArtsyWorks aims to achieve a closer approach to our customers overseas, thanks to the partnership with Fine Art America and their network of established manufacturing centers across North America, Australia, UK and Europe.

Eva is a certified painter, and mom. Native of Bourgas, a cozy town along the Bulgarian Black Sea. Together, with husband Alex and son Leo, life unfolds in the foothill of Vitosha mountain, a picturesque scenery near the historical capital, Sofia, the second oldest city in Europe.

Favorite themes:
Feminine beauty in Eastern, Indian, and Fantasy Woman portraits; Mother and Child paintings; Religious and Spiritual motives from varied Eastern and Western traditions; Folk Art.

Main sources of inspiration:
Early Christian art; Indian art and costumes; literature, movies, music, nature. Beauty and harmony in all its shapes and colors.

Favorite working materials:
Acrylic, ink, watercolor, pastels.

- Bulgarian Academy of Theater and Film Arts - specialized in Fashion Design. A multidisciplinary subject, with a strong focus in drawing, painting and design; supplemented with acting, fashion photography and dance.
- Fine Art School, with intensive training in painting, drawing, sculpture.

Reading, writing, gardening, or just enjoying nature, when free-time permits.

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